Hi there David here again, we have put together a list of our 5 best golf sets for beginners, enjoy!

At this stage of your playing career, you have most probably been playing for a while now and are starting to really enjoy yourself (maybe).  You have most likely been playing with old model borrowed clubs, an old set that you have put together with people’s old clubs or maybe even bought a cheap set from the charity shop. 

Now you are in the market for a new set, a nice shiny set that you can be proud of and take care of a set that is truly your own. 

You may have an idea of what it is you are looking for and just want to have a little more information on the set or you may have just started looking and want to see what is out there.  

At The Golf Geek UK have you covered, we have put together a list of what we think are the top five starter sets on sale now for 2023 that will suit most beginners needs and budget. 

Let’s dive in and see what we have in store for you guys… 

No. 1 - Callaway Golf Warbird 14 Piece Package


  • Forgiving and easy to hit.
  • Great quality.
  • Great value.


  • Comes with cart bag will need to purchase cart.

This set is by far the most expensive set on the list, however it is still consider to be one of the best sets for beginners due to the quality of the clubs that are on offer, if you were to buy the set individually it would set you back well over £1000.

What is included:

  • 10.5º Oversized driver.
  • 5 Wood.
  • Irons 5 – SW.
  • Premium Odyssey putter.
  • Headcovers for driver, 5 wood and putter.
  • Large cart bag.

This set is number 1 on our list for a reason, you are getting a very well-rounded set of clubs with great build quality and feel, the kind that you would expect with a brand like Callaway.

Driver and Woods:  The diver included with this set is amazing in my opinion, I may be a little biased as the my very first real driver was a Callaway warbird.  Never the less it really is a great driver, oversized and very easy to hit, the 5 wood is a very nice club and easy to hit, I am sure you will love these clubs for a long time. 

Irons:  5 – SW which is all the clubs you would need starting out, the clubs are cavity back and perimeter weighted, which again gives a great feel on impact and offers a lot of forgiveness for the beginner. 

Putter:  There is not much to say about the putter really, I think the brand speaks for itself, you really are getting a top of the range putter in this set. 

Bag:  High quality cart bag, loads of storage for everything you would need whilst out on the course, it does come with a strap but I would recommend getting cart as it can become quite heavy over the full 18 holes. 

All the clubs are aimed towards the beginner and therefore are all very forgiving, that being said the quality of the clubs means that you will likely have them for a number of years or until you are ready to upgrade to a set aimed at more advanced players.

Verdict:  This set would ideally suit a beginner who is ready to upgrade and has a little more in the budget.  Due to the quality of clubs on offer here retailers tend to sell out very fast. (editors choice)

Price Range:  Check out this set on Amazon by clicking the link below. 

No. 2 – TaylorMade RBZ Speelite Graphite Set.


  • Great Performance with all clubs.
  • Easy to flight.
  • Great distance.


  • Bag does not match the quality of the clubs.

The TaylorMade RBZ Speedlite Graphite package set is designed for golfers of all skill levels but more aimed at the beginner with easy launch characteristics which constantly deliver long-distance and forgiveness in a lightweight and elegant looking package set.

What is included:

  • 5 driver.
  • 3 Wood.
  • 22 4 hybrid.
  • Irons 6 – SW.
  • Mallet putter.
  • Cart bag.


This set is number 2 on our list because even though this is the most expensive set on the list TaylorMade golf have done a great job with this set, offering something very aesthetically pleasing, but also a club that inspires confidence behind the ball without being too bulky at the same time.  The irons are by far the stars of the show in this set, with a great feel through the ball, easy to hit with a lot of forgiveness for a beginner.

Driver and Woods: The driver is a 10.5 Degree 460cc Titanium, with low CG (centre of Gravity) making it very easy to strike. TaylorMade has expanded the sweet spot for greater forgiveness.  The driver produces a lovely sweet sound when the ball is struck out of the middle.
Irons: All the irons are manufactured using graphite shafts and include Irons from 6-SW, 6 Irons in total. offers advanced weighting and a multi-functional sole, improving forgiveness throughout the iron range.  The irons inspire confidence whilst standing over the shot in hand. 
Putter: The top quality midsize mallet putter has a pure roll insert with multi-alignment technology. 
Bag:  14-way cart bag with gorgeous light and dark green trim throughout (Light grey ladies bag) The 14-way top bag design enables the clubs to be removed and replaced in each club’s designated spot without any frustrating tangling.

Verdict: This set would ideally suit a mid to high handicapper looking to upgrade to a set of clubs rivalling some of the more expensive sets on the market. 

Price: Check the price out at TayloMade Golf by clicking the link below. 

No. 3 – Strata Men’s Golf Package


  • Great value for beginners.
  • Very forgiving.
  • Great distance.


  • Putter not great for beginners.
  • Steel shafts on hybrids.

This set offers great value to the average beginner that is looking for a great set of clubs but does not want to break the bank with the set coming in at under £400.

What is included:

  • 10.5º Forged driver (460cc)
  • 3 Wood.
  • 4 and 5 hybrids.
  • Irons 6 – SW.
  • Putter blade.
  • Lightweight bag stand bag.

This set is number 3 on our list again for the because you are getting a well-rounded set of clubs offering great quality and feel, built by Callaway (Strata is a brand owned by Callaway aimed at beginners), not as good quality as the warbird clubs but still great from getting started.

Driver and Woods: The oversized driver is 460cc with slight offset and large sweet spot and offers plenty of distance.

Irons: The irons also feel grate and look very nice, with a large thick top rim giving the player confidence at address.

Putter: The putter slightly lets this set down, as it it not a very forgiving putter especially as the set is aimed towards the beginner.  However, a decent putter could be picked up for a relatively small price tag. 

Bag: Great lightweight carry bag included in this set, offering three storage compartments with ample amount of space for rain gear, snacks, balls and tees.

As with the Callaway warbird the Strata clubs are aimed towards the beginner and therefore are all very forgiving. All clubs offer a generous amount of offset, this will help the payer that tends to slice the ball.

Verdict;  this set would ideally suit a beginner who is eager to get on the course and is looking for a ready made set of clubs that will not break the bank.

Price: To check out this set out on Amazon and American Golf click the links below. 

No. 4 – MacGregor CG3000 Package set


  • Fantastic quality.
  • Great value.
  • 10 clubs.


  • Putter grip does not feel great.

A fantastic set of clubs for the price tag offering great performance on budget.

What is included:

  • 13º driver.
  • 18º fairway wood.
  • 24º hybrid.
  • Irons 6 – SW.
  • Putter.
  • Headcovers for woods.
  • Great quality stand bag.


This set is number 4 on our list because the of the quality that is on offer for the price tag, if you are a beginner and are looking to get on the course with your own set of clubs without a massive price tag then look no further, MacGregor have really got something great here for a beginners set.

Driver and Woods: 13 degrees loft on the driver perfect for most high-handicap golfers and beginners.  The fairway wood and hybrid does not feel as great as the driver, however, for the beginner golfer they are perfect. 
Irons:  The irons are fantastic, definitely the stand out part of the set.  With a fairly thick top line without looking too bulky, they offer a great amount of forgiveness and the launch off them is amazing. 
Putter:  Great looking putter that has the, with easy alignment, and great feel on impact.  The grip on the putter lets it does slightly, however this is easily rectified. 
Bag:  The set is available with either a cart bag or lightweight carry bag, both very good for the price tag, it really depends on your preference. 

Verdict:  Fantastic set of clubs with a great feel about them, look great and would ideally suit someone who is looking a set of clubs with a lot of forgiveness and a lot of launch.

Price: To check out this set out on Amazon and Very click the links below. 

No. 5 – Wilson Pro Staff SGI Set


  • Great Performance from irons.
  • Offer a lot of forgiveness.
  • 10 clubs.


  • Driver and woods have whippy shafts.
  • Aimed at absolute beginners

This set offers great value and an awesome looking set of clubs at a budget price, a complete golf set for aspiring golfers looking to get into the game.

What is included:

  • 10.5◦ driver.
  • 3 Wood.
  • 4 hybrid.
  • Irons 6 – SW.
  • Putter blade.
  • Headcovers for woods and putter
  • Great quality stand bag.


This set is number 5 on our list because we think that it is a great set for the absolute beginner. Wilson have done a great job with this set offering a lot of forgiveness with a large 460cc drive with a large sweet spot.  

Driver and Woods:  Large 460cc highly forgiving with oversized face.  The graphite shaft is designed with a degree of flexibility to accelerate through the swing and generate further power. Complete with flannel lined headcover.

Irons:  Irons all have steel shafts, offering great performance and unbelievable forgiveness making them very easy to hit. 

Putter:  The putter has a great look about them especially from above and a great feel.  

Bag:  Lightweight stand bag, offering with double strap and airflow system. 

Verdict:  This set would ideally suit the absolute beginner who is eager to get on the course with a full set of clubs offering maximum forgiveness at a budget price.

Price:  Check out price on amazon below. 

Listed above is in our opinion the top 5 starter sets on the market for 2023, we have included a range of sets ranging in price, we hope that the article has helped you in your search for a new set of clubs. 

If you have any further questions then please feel free to email me here or I encourage you to  leave comments below. 

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Email: david@thegolfgeekuk.com

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